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entry Jun 19 2007, 01:09 AM
heklim, poyzonousshadow, puppet, and myself

heklimk (2:21:04 AM): im on my 7th shot
heklimk (2:21:07 AM): does that count
heklimk (2:21:27 AM): albeit over almost 3 hrs

PuppetMaster (2:21:31 AM): haha
PuppetMaster (2:21:36 AM): 7th shot..
PuppetMaster (2:21:38 AM): Umm
Shadow (2:21:41 AM): lmao
Shadow (2:21:45 AM): only 7?

heklimk (2:21:52 AM): =)
heklimk (2:22:16 AM): if i took more i wouldnt be able to type right
heklimk (2:22:26 AM): ima have another now on you pip
PuppetMaster (2:22:30 AM): what what arent u able to do now..
PuppetMaster (2:22:56 AM): I need some money
heklimk (2:22:56 AM): i can make a gramatically correcct sentance
heklimk (2:23:00 AM): unlike you
heklimk (2:23:04 AM): what waht cant you do now
Shadow (2:23:13 AM): correct*
Shadow (2:23:14 AM): hehe

heklimk (2:23:20 AM): did i say spelling?
Shadow (2:23:22 AM): what what?*
Shadow (2:23:24 AM): lol

heklimk (2:23:32 AM): i9 was making fun of puppet
heklimk (2:23:32 AM): k
Shadow (2:23:42 AM): 9?
heklimk (2:23:57 AM): like i said, typing ftloose
heklimk (2:24:10 AM): he said what what

vindictive (2:24:19 AM): ftloose?
heklimk (2:24:22 AM): at least my sentances still make sense
heklimk (2:24:22 AM): k

vindictive (2:24:26 AM): you said what waht
Shadow (2:24:27 AM): no, you said what what
vindictive (2:24:28 AM): lmao
Shadow (2:24:29 AM): yeah
vindictive (2:24:31 AM): haha
PuppetMaster (2:24:35 AM): what what did i say wrong..
vindictive (2:24:39 AM): only half of them make sense heklim
heklimk (2:24:42 AM): (11:23:09 PM) PuppetMaster: what what arent u able to do now..
Shadow (2:24:44 AM): *grabs alcohol from heklim* I think you've had enough
vindictive (2:24:46 AM): what what are you talking about
vindictive (2:24:51 AM): mlao

heklimk (2:24:53 AM): (11:23:09 PM) PuppetMasterMR: what what arent u able to do now..
heklimk (2:24:59 AM): k
PuppetMaster (2:25:00 AM): no awy..
heklimk (2:25:07 AM): my what what was making fun of him
heklimk (2:25:09 AM): gosh
Shadow (2:25:20 AM): what what
Shadow (2:25:24 AM): are you talking about hek
vindictive (2:25:24 AM): lmao
heklimk (2:25:25 AM): even though i typed it wrong
vindictive (2:25:27 AM): no no
vindictive (2:25:32 AM): pupples lol it was pupples
vindictive (2:25:34 AM): lmao
vindictive (2:25:57 AM): hahahaha
vindictive (2:26:00 AM): my what what
vindictive (2:26:01 AM): lmao
PuppetMaster (2:26:14 AM): what what u guys talking about
Shadow (2:26:18 AM): hek, go watch yoru gay show and be yourself :-D
vindictive (2:26:21 AM): dude i dunno about yall but i'm laughing so hard i'm in tears
vindictive (2:26:37 AM): lol
Shadow (2:26:43 AM): shit
Shadow (2:26:44 AM): your*

vindictive (2:26:50 AM): lol waht what?
Shadow (2:26:54 AM): lmao
vindictive (2:27:06 AM): oh my god
heklimk (2:27:22 AM): shush newbies
heklimk (2:27:27 AM): did i say you could speak
vindictive (2:27:32 AM): lmao
heklimkthx (2:27:46 AM): k ima kt pip at 3am
vindictive (2:27:47 AM): you didn't say we couldn't laugh, what what is wrong with that?
Shadow (2:28:04 AM): sweet
Shadow (2:28:14 AM): kt'ing at the beginning
Shadow (2:28:18 AM): i think i set a record :-D
vindictive (2:28:27 AM): lol
PuppetMaster (2:28:30 AM): what what record..
vindictive (2:28:34 AM): lmao
Shadow (2:28:41 AM): lmao
heklimk (2:28:49 AM): i doubt it


later on..........

Shadow (2:38:18 AM): hey hek
Shadow (2:38:25 AM): wtf does rifk mean?
heklimk (2:38:26 AM): yes sir.
heklimk (2:38:43 AM): it means i am the superior human
heklimk (2:38:44 AM): on this plant
heklimk (2:38:45 AM): k
Shadow (2:38:57 AM): lmao, we have gone over this already
Shadow (2:39:01 AM): you are not superior

vindictive (2:39:03 AM): ohhhhhhh
Shadow (2:39:08 AM): go play in your sand box now
vindictive (2:39:09 AM): its like kik
vindictive (2:39:15 AM): its a misspelling of rofl
vindictive (2:39:18 AM): means the same thing
heklimk (2:39:30 AM): (1:39:35 PM) Shadow: i admit you are superior
vindictive (2:39:34 AM): on the plant??
heklimk (2:39:36 AM): errr
heklimk (2:39:38 AM): oops

vindictive (2:39:40 AM): maybe on your plant
heklimk (2:39:41 AM): wrong window
vindictive (2:39:42 AM): lmao
vindictive (2:39:48 AM): but not on my plant your not
Shadow (2:39:53 AM): planet?
heklimk (2:39:56 AM): plenet
Shadow (2:39:57 AM): or plant?
heklimk (2:39:58 AM): yes
vindictive (2:39:59 AM): no dude
heklimk (2:39:59 AM): rifk
heklimk (2:40:04 AM): ANOTHER SHOT

vindictive (2:40:05 AM): on her plant she's the queen
Shadow (2:40:14 AM): lmao, wrong hek
heklimk (2:40:17 AM): i am the queen on every plant
heklimk (2:40:17 AM): k

vindictive (2:40:21 AM): lol
vindictive (2:40:23 AM): lmao
Shadow (2:40:29 AM): PLANT?!
heklimk (2:40:38 AM): PLANT
Shadow (2:40:39 AM): WTF?!
heklimk (2:40:42 AM): planets are for weak people
Shadow (2:40:45 AM): Plant or Planet?
heklimk (2:40:46 AM): plants ftw
heklimk (2:40:50 AM): dude
heklimk (2:41:22 AM): i have been saying plant the whole time
heklimk (2:41:22 AM): so its obviously plant


later still.........

heklimk (2:47:42 AM): so, did you kids have a reason or question
heklimk (2:47:46 AM): to invite me here?
heklimk (2:48:04 AM): or has someone pussied out
vindictive (2:48:11 AM): lol i dunno
vindictive (2:48:16 AM): i didn't have a question
vindictive (2:48:19 AM): oh yeah
heklimk (2:48:21 AM): puppet?
vindictive (2:48:22 AM): puppet had a question
Shadow (2:49:31 AM): puppet had a question
PuppetMaster (2:49:35 AM): are u hot
heklimk (2:49:48 AM): rofl
heklimk (2:49:56 AM): k, spam me later then

heklimk has left the chat room.
Shadow (2:50:00 AM): rofl
vindictive (2:50:01 AM): lmao
Shadow (2:50:04 AM): damn it
Shadow (2:50:05 AM): she left
Shadow (2:50:14 AM): and we still didn't get an answer

PuppetMaster (2:50:16 AM): thats what it would of taken to get her to leave our plant

(and he's the one that invited her smile.gif)

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