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This is my personal statement... I don't know where this shows up, so for now I'll leave it with this....
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29 May 2009
So, I figured I'd post a few lines here as I see some peeps are annoyed at our alliance.

First of all, I know how fubar the situation is right now.... but bear in mind that it is a result of your own actions. If less had turtled we would have had competition earlier, after all we were just 4 planets with any hit power to begin with (the others tagged along later).

You blame us for this situation by stacking, when all it took was 1 system and a few smaller ones to add to the force. We didn't even have the numbers.

Anyway, the crying right now is about us bashing planets with war status and killing planets non-stop. What is the problem about this is? Sure, its unfair. Sure, it will make it impossible for any of you to enjoy the game. BUT!! This is a game about war and strategi. And our strategi this round was UNIVERSAL DOMINATION -which we have.

Now, alot of messages earlier asked us what will you do when you have outgrown everyone? How fun will it be to turtle?

You're right. It is no fun to turtle. What is fun though is to be at constant war to the whole universe trying to destroy it as much as possible. Hell of a lot funnier than turtling and waiting for someone to come in to "our range". Where does it say that we can't war the whole universe? Is it only allowed to war others when the fight is even? Because if that is the thing, why don't we see more crying like this when there are other uneven wars in GA. I'll tell you why. Because whenever there is a strong enemy the community join forces to take it down - you don't see any crying from the big guys then for being taken down -they are used to it.

Now is the time for payback. We're big. We're hitting anything and everyone as we please. Paybacks a bitch, and there isn't a thing you can do about it. And to top it off, its all your fault.

Think about this round next time you see 90% of the planets in GA turtling, and try to stop it earlier.

We won this round, and we intend on keeping going like this for the rest of the round.

Last round we 'won the war' we had, but the loosing alliance never stopped fighting back because they're game was "finished" anyway. This round its the other way around, the winning alliance ain't taking prisioners. And the most funny part is that we didn't even start the war:)

Good game to the fellows in 1.1, 1.11 and 2.4 (+rulers of the dark in 2.3). Those tried at least, and if the rest hand't chickened out thinking it will all be ok later, they might have pulled it off to bring us down.

Also -next time -start with the leaders. No leaders = no organization. GA 101.
10 May 2009
A guy in our alliance can't delete his barracks.

His military is 12k aavs and 10k geeks, no soldiers, he has ~200 barracks, ~50 docks, and 150 space stations. So he should be able to at least be able to delete his barracks, but he can't. Whats up with that?
20 Apr 2009
14 Dec 2008
So what's going on, who's dominating, who's smart, who's not. Who's deserves what, who ain't getting it, who made the first missile, Who sent the first one, Who is the first KT, what background do you prefer, which planet breaks 1,000 land first, who breaks 1million nw first?

Talk about it here.
26 Jun 2008
To make it short:

Noone mentioned, noone forgotten.

Goodbye happy.gif
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30 Apr 2008 - 22:40
Exotic Br Power
sup bro...well...I was playing... Someone even called me SWB in ga...of course he dont played for more than 2 weeks after that.
I had to quit..life is really busy now...I dont even have time to sleep. not sure when I'll create an account again...
11 Jun 2007 - 23:26
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my pic is too sexy to be uploaded...one day I might change for a real one...not now...
13 May 2007 - 17:22
this one time, like when i laughed at swabby, he thought i wanted to be his friend, but really he smells like a dog thats been dead for a week, and if he did add me as a friend, id delete my profile and then throw my laptop out the window
13 May 2007 - 3:36
this one time swb thought he was cool but then i said. 'sorry youre not' and he was like 'ok' and then i gave him a tissue
13 May 2007 - 3:26


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