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22 Sep 2009
Hi Everyone!

I have been working on a way to reset rounds automatically, so I don't have to be home to do it at an exact time.

I started with GAX, and next week was supposed to be the first time to use it. Unfortunately, I put it onto the automatic system with the wrong date, and so the game was reset today instead of next week.

The good news (for me) is that the reset worked perfectly. The bad news (for you) is that the reset worked perfectly.

I'm really sorry for ending the round a week early, but just sign up for the new round and start again.

23 Jul 2009
I get fairly frequent complaints about 2 spheres being at war and one is also beaten on by a third outside sphere. This of course causes a very uneven battle, and many think it's very unfair.


For at least the next round, there will be a limit on attacking a sphere at war with someone else.

1. If a sphere is at war, they may only attack the sphere they are at war with.

2. If a sphere is at war, they may only be attacked by the sphere they are at war with.

3. There will be a daily limit on the number of raids and destructive spy missions on any one realm per day. This is a restoration of the old "Heightened Alert" status.

If this improves the game, as a lot of people think it will, we'll keep it or modify it. If everyone hates it, it will be easy to back out.

19 Apr 2009
Round 45 is now open for signups!!

There will be a few changes to GA this round. Nothing major, but worth noting are

1. Special Operatives will require sufficient Op Centers for storage. About 350 Special Ops can be stored in each Center. If Ops do not have storage space, they will decay and become useless.

2. The Galactic Hospital has been significantly improved with a new radiation center and more advanced medical technology. The Hospital can now more effectively treat attack casualties saving more lives, and can treat missile casualties as well. Check the game help for details.

3. Hopefully the rounding errors have been fixed.

Enjoy the game!!
5 Mar 2009
There will be a few changes to GA this round. Nothing major, but worth noting are

1. Guerrillas will require sufficient land to live off of. About 200 guerrillas can live on each land. If land becomes scarce, guerrillas will desert back into the general population.

2. You will receive a Planet News when any of your military desert.

3. Recovery status is even better!

4. Missiles are cheaper and quicker to build, but don't do quite as much damage.

5. Research has gotten a bit easier, especially military morale.

6. Wonder costs and strength are back up. No more racing to get one the first hour out of newbie.

7. The change-password bug has been fixed.

Enjoy the game!!
9 Dec 2008
A new round of GA Extreme is now open for signups.

For those who aren't familiar with GAX, the rules are simple:

1. No multying.
2. No whining, crying, complaining, or griping about whatever happens to you.

The rest is up to you! Be as brutal as you dare.

Disclaimer: This game is NOT for beginners!!!!

Sign up at http://www.gaextreme.com !!!!
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