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resident donut salesman
33 years old
Melbourne, Australia
Born April-12-1987
Being awesome.
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4 Nov 2014
was bored, just spent a while reading old threads and many of my old posts for fun.

in doing this, i have come to one utterly inescapable conclusion.

i am the fucking greatest.
30 Oct 2012
i take my clothes off on skype for 2.99 a minute.

i can gyrate really well, especially if i put sexyback on
29 Apr 2009
you better believe it
5 Jun 2008
now i know i dont make too many serious posts, so bear with me here.

ive either played or been around ga for quite a while now. i started playing in round 1, have been al and sl more time than i care to count, and have met many people through this game, some of whom werent complete dicktards. i played when we could fill 5 galaxies of 30 systems each, when dozens of people would be on aim actually planning wars. when the game wasnt just about the top ten and everyone else was just cannon fodder.

having attempted to start for a couple of rounds now, however, i have come to realise how fundamentally broken this game is. whereas in the past, a medium sized player could forge a round for himself, be an active part of an alliance, have a say in the game, it has degenerated to the point where such a player should be praised if they can find the patience to even make it through the round without quitting.

it has become impossible for 90% of the player base to make one hit without being hit 5 times in 10 hours. the fundamental principles of the game have changed. nuking someone who hits you is seen as about as acceptable as rape, despite the fact they have no other way to retaliate. people tear up about raids as if they were worse than the holocaust, yet no-one can tell me what so bad about losing LESS land.

in the end, though, what i find most surprising, is that people are so ready to heap blame on the people who make and pay for this game for the slightest perceived error that they feel is ruining the game. im tipping most of you do nothing to contribute the game except to piss and moan that is isnt to youre exacting standards. that it isnt what helps you win as readily, and stuff everyone else.

the rules arent to blame. chick and fugs arent to blame. i struggle to think of people who more readily bend over backwards to help you, or heaven forbid, give you a free game to play.

youre to blame. i'll take blame myself. weve all become a bunch of whinging, complaining, arrogant arseholes that we have driven 90% of the player base away from what used to be a great game. we will NEVER get the players back to make this game fun again. we will NEVER make this game accessable for everyone again.


which is why i ask both chick and fugs, which heaven forbid they actually read this forum anymore, because i know i would have given up on this haven of stupidity, arrogance and complaints a long time ago, please end this game.

i dont say this out of any malice, hatred, or out of me being a shit stirrer. i know my reputation. i know ive never been taken seriously. i say this as someone who played this game for a long time, met many great people out of it, who are no longer here. people who i hated who are no longer here because they feel like as i do. that this game has lost something it cannot bring back. because this game has lost its player base.

please, finish with what you have, rather than finish with nothing.
13 Jan 2008
That is all.
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