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entry May 6 2007, 07:28 PM
Round: 31

Apr 15, 4:48 am

ouT there grows pot in his basement!

and stabbing ninja is intimate with his sister!



Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 15, 4:56 am

nah ur mis informd ... its me thats intimate with his sister ... hes going 4 a more mature line!!!

in his own mother ... mind u ... i wudnt mind some of tht experiance

The Roxedge


Apr 15, 4:57 am

Stealth 14 hours remaining
Blitzkrieg 24 hours remaining

(plz dont give oewt tis infos)



Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 15, 5:02 am

ok sowwi!!!

The Roxedge


OuT TheRe (1:14)
Apr 15, 5:02 am

plans on having some good old butt sex with dumber

I hope Sovereign doesnt get this information

o yea, dumber said i had small brains



Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 15, 5:05 am

.... i believe its calld AN.AL!!! haha

Received from
dumber (1:14)
Apr 15, 4:50 am are you a noobie to you can only tele once you stupid

stupid Reply

Sent to
dumber (1:14)
Apr 15, 4:54 am hmph .... w.e ... lol thing is ... i aint afraid to admit it ... and i dont believe ive ever teleported so i wouldnt actually know about it ...

and what do u expect frm a 16 yr old?!

The Roxedge

Sent to
dumber (1:14)
Apr 15, 4:54 am haha and u LOSE ... u hav 2 take abuse from us 4 the rest of the round unless u delete

The Roxedge

Received from
dumber (1:14)
Apr 15, 4:55 am lol. it prove my piont that all

stupid Reply

Received from
dumber (1:14)
Apr 15, 4:56 am actual only 24 hr noobie

stupid Reply

Sent to
dumber (1:14)
Apr 15, 4:59 am lol dont u get it ... noob isnt an insult to me ...

and also ... i cudnt actualy care if i am or im not ... im jst here 2 enjoy the game ...

lol and thts y i sed ... *unless u delete* ...
and u cnt do tht while ur still chatting away to me

hav a gg ... or ... unless ur deleting and restarting ... hav a good holiday frm the game ...
and ... if ur jst stayin out til nxt round
hav fun w.e u do

The Roxedge

Received from
dumber (1:14)
Apr 15, 5:00 am shut up noobie just shut up. Noobie noobie. you sux your mommie dick noobie

stupid Reply

Sent to
dumber (1:14)

The Roxedge

The Roxedge


Apr 15, 5:05 am

at least you have more than one apparently, that might compensate for your condition



Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 15, 5:06 am

lol indeed it might ...

altho ... it cant b sed 4 dumber ...
he still dont get the fact THT IM A COMPLETE NOOB

The Roxedge


Apr 15, 5:09 am

arent we all?



OuT TheRe (1:14)
Apr 15, 5:10 am

does anyone else notice that some people take this game so serious that they would prolly give up thier left nut to make sure everyone knows that they are not a noob but instead you are the noob. HAHA Dumber proves this completly



Apr 15, 5:12 am

it doesnt look like he is pretending not to be a noob to me, idk? lol



Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 15, 5:13 am

... urmmm ... well ... when do u stop becoming a noob?!

lol i dont take this game seriously atall ... i mean ... its not like i messd up my sleeping patterns etc etc. jst to play this adictiv game

can we jst kill him?!

i mean its pritty obv thts what he wants

The Roxedge


Apr 15, 5:17 am

but hes so small, why waste resources on him?
(sovereign doesnt understand this logic i guess, heh)



Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 15, 5:18 am

lol haha i supose ... he does add 500k nw 2 our scores i supose ... bt ... argh ...

he will just ... sit ther ....
lol lets all poke him *poke*

The Roxedge


OuT TheRe (1:14)
Apr 15, 5:19 am

haha true point Heklims he truly is a noob
I nuked him for the hell of it but i really dont care anymore. I check this game when im bored and have absloutly nothing to do in the world. i remember back in the old days when the game was big and you didnt have to deal with stupid people like dumber



Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 15, 5:19 am

o yea ... and what point do u stop being a noob?? when u get over 5 mil nw?? lol or jst when ur a complete gimp at this game?!

The Roxedge


OuT TheRe (1:14)
Apr 15, 5:22 am

i beleive its when you block out your entire social life a never log out of this stupid game
I think i remember hearing that some where but idk???



Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 15, 5:26 am

hmmmmmmm i think .... *Bouncing Bum* ... may hav been a lil like this?! haha lol

i dont care if hes actualli Demois etc etc. or any1 in this aliance haha ... he nearly had more nw than our aliance combiend atm ...

we onli hav 49 mil nw ... thts quite depressing

The Roxedge


Apr 15, 7:02 am

flying ninja did you wet your diaper again?



Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 15, 7:48 am


course i didnt ... just my boxers ... i dont hav 2 wear diapers ney more:: lol

cuz im menta b grown up ::

The Roxedge


Top Planet Nuker (1:14)
Apr 15, 10:34 am

Bouncing Bum was Lord Dash, Deimos is an SKer, first round of GA for him. and Lord Dash isnt playing this round



Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 15, 11:35 am

o right ... i c ...
lol well we were jst debating ...

ar u serious its deimos's first round?! ... lol LEDGEND!! haha

and how ar u top planet nuker

The Roxedge


Top Planet Nuker (1:14)
Apr 15, 2:36 pm

yeah, i think he had a round a few back, but deleted early, if youre good at SK, you can usually be good here too.

ive made this planet for fun.

i was Kats Pretend Boyfriend earlier LOL (the big guy in 1:8) i deleted my planet like 2 weeks ago and im still in top 15 for courage. that shows GA is going down hill lol



Lucifer (1:10)
Apr 19, 8:17 pm

top planet nuker likes little boys! but he only admits it when hes drunk. shhhhhhh dont tell him i said that!

Bringer of Light


Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 19, 10:51 pm

he died i think luci ... sorri

The Roxedge


Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 19, 10:52 pm

o no ... still alive .. jst ...

The Roxedge


Lucifer (1:10)
Apr 20, 12:21 am

Apr 19, 10:00 pm The planet Achont of Sloth and all its inhabitants have been totally destroyed in a massive cataclysm.
Apr 19, 10:19 pm The planet Alpha Prime of Justice has disappeared from the solar system.

another two bite the dust!

Bringer of Light


Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 20, 12:27 am

GAH!!! thts GA.Y ... rele rele ga/y ... i aint happy now

The Roxedge


Lucifer (1:10)
Apr 20, 12:57 am

i kno! that war unity had with truestory made most of the people in this system die or teleport, which in turn caused another guy to delete and another one to teleport when he saw his friend delete. im pretty sure there is nobody left in this system that started here this round, lol

Bringer of Light


Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 20, 8:35 am

pip was my friend aswell ... bt so is dude in (1:15) ... i didnt rele know Whistler of Pride ... or Oreo (priest) ... hmmm or too many others rele ... bt they seemd a kl bunch of people

The Roxedge


Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 22, 3:01 pm

gues hus bk ... yea ... ME

surfing was crap ... bt ... i had ... 51mil in gold ....

AAVs 218,420 7,813
Starfighters 45,164 20,050

lol ... well ... urmmm ... tht started on 9k aavs ... and 24k sfs biggrin.gif:D:D i dont hav the barracks to cope tho!!!

The Roxedge


Top Planet Nuker (1:14)
Apr 22, 6:14 pm

if you dont have the barracks, the SFs you are building...you wont see.

so drop pop to house them ASAP



Lucifer (1:10)
Apr 23, 5:54 am

Apr 23, 5:53 am We stole 1,401,337 money from Project GU (1:8).
Apr 23, 5:54 am We stole 1,289,230 money from Project GU (1:8).

Bringer of Light


Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 23, 4:10 pm

NICE!!! lol thts more than my income!!! haha ...

lol i didnt need 2 ... i hit 2 ppl and got lots of land and built lots of sds ... and ...
i nearly had a power crisis too ... bt its all going good

The Roxedge


Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 23, 4:13 pm

lucifer ... hav u played as Tsunami before??

lol well ... u hav a similar game plan it would appear 2 him ... and he was a v good player ... didnt manage 2 catch me up tho lol

well he did sorta ... he was 200k behind my nw ... and then i went on2 pop tongue.gif and i got a lil futher ahed ... lol ...

it was quite kl tho ... i ended up on 4.8mil nw ... as my top score 4 any round ever ... (holidays hav always hamperd me) ... bt nm ... i havnt done badly in this round ... i aim 2 hit 10 mil by the end of the round ... im nt sure how much longer ther is tho

evn if i need chaos 2 do it lol

The Roxedge


Lucifer (1:10)
Apr 23, 6:29 pm

flying, no

and this is amusing

Apr 23, 6:10 pm Troops from Destruction Inc (2:15) assaulted Lucifer (1:10) and conquered 423 land.
Apr 23, 6:13 pm Troops from Lucifer (1:10) assaulted Destruction Inc (2:15) and conquered 809 land.

Bringer of Light


Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 23, 7:30 pm

hahaha!!! lol thats an AWSUM hit hahaha!!!
gud job!!

wait ... does tht mean u can hit me ?!

The Roxedge


Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 24, 8:57 am

300k aav defence now with sl so i shud b ok haha

lol neywey yup ... i think i got enuff defence 2 ward ppl off

The Roxedge


The Totoro Ninjas (1:7)
Apr 24, 6:52 pm

AHAHAHAAH thats awesome

Fat Blob


Flying Ninja of the Ash (1:7)
Apr 24, 7:30 pm

WOOO lol i feel it
its about time i had a decend defence

The Roxedge

entry Apr 17 2007, 02:23 AM
today we have Mrs Meldrew from england...and today he is drunk
*clap clap clap
good night mrs meldrew...everybody is wondering...what u think about Mrs merecis?
HE no girl
only GA
hid mother no tits!
and what u think about SWB
swb has se xy sisyer
SWB has lovely sisyer!
tell me more about the ga players...tell me the name of someone great and someone horrible
merecis eats penis
and doesnt sleep
kat wants too marry me!
tell me that history
she says from day 1
she loves me
and exotic small penis
on internet
isnt an exciting history...can u give me more details?
you teach me to play GA
i get drunk
girl with big tits show me
while dancing
but no sex
cus she drink too much
looks like she has baby!
girls with bg tits? explain
i mean looks like
she have baby
u said that u dance with a big tit girls, but u couldnt fuck her?
cus maybe she
have babhy in her belly
she was pregnant?
u wanted to have sex with a girl waiting a baby???
i dunno
she was fat!
i dunno
but big tits!
well..if she was really pregnant u would know that the baby wasnt yours
but maybe no pregannt
just fat maybe!
u like fat girls?
then why u tried to have fun with a fat girl?
mayb eshe only no fat
but big tits
i dont remember
maybe baby
maybe no
no baby
ok...let me get it...u wanted to have sex with that girl because she had big tits?
es grande
i dunno
im dtunk
no u arent drunk...but answer me...if u wanted to have sex with that girl just because she had big tits, then u would fuck a fat guy??? he also have big tits...
have big tits
then i fuck
no es problemo
ok...this is the end of our Talk Show today...if u forgot what u said, then check Exotic Br Power Blog!
you gay
you put this in blog??!!

entry Feb 14 2007, 01:58 AM
err...toaday I broke my record...alone I drank 16 beers (600ml each) alone...

man...or girl...or thing...right now I'm very crazy...I close my eyes and everything is going woooooouuummmm!!! and when I open my eyes everything is still moving!!! ITS AMAZING!!! The world is shaking!

shake that ass to me
shake that ass to me

blablabla......................uhul!! \o/

hey...check this out...oh yea...u cant see...that sux...hehehe...r u curiouus?I'm not tongue.gif nananananaaaaaa!

well...I'll stop right now...because I'll try to do something to eat...ummm...anyone want to cook for me?

cook is like look!

wait...cook is an english word, right?

entry Jan 22 2007, 02:37 AM
8:00 am - wake up
8:03 am - he try to use his ga account, but he still cant see very well, because his body wants sleep
8:12 am - after a long time waiting, the ga page is loaded
8:15 am - his mom scream from the kitchen saying that his food will get cold
8:18 am - he scream because he see this in his planet news (4 news) and this is what he think:

"shit...I was attacked...1 new saying that someone got my som, 1 new saying that someone got my research, 1 new saying that someone got my shield and 1 new saying that I was assaulted!!"

8:20 am - he realized that b4 logout he forgot to check his news after he use his 4 discoveries.
8:31 am - after a long math he realize wich discoverie he will have the biggest growth.
8:46 am - he got 3 discoveries and he will save the money for tonight
9:08 am - he read all the forums looking for a suicider
9:13 am - he check the attack room to know if he have roids
9:14 am - his mom scream saying that if he want to eat, he will have to wait till lunch
9:16 am - he use his scanner
9:18 am - he load the esm scanner
9:21 am - he compare the old and new scan
9:25 am - he ask all his friends if someone could spy for him (then he can save his spy missions to steal money!!! Fucking bastard)
9:58 am - he found a target and he do the math
9:59 am - he enter in the attack room and launch the grab
10:00 am - the page is loaded and said that he FAILED the assault because when the hour changed the enemy got more aavs from trainning. His troop will be back in 15 hours...
10:01 am - he throw his keyboard at the wall and start hitting his head on the floor screaming something like this:


10:15 am - After he install his new keyboard he waste his money trainning soldiers and exploring land.
10:17 am - he have only one spy mission, then he start doing a math to know if he should save it when he get 3 gen at home or use it to get money and train more aavs.
10:39 am - he decide to steal money
10:58 am - he find a possible bank...he dont want to wait untill next hour or he would lose 1 hour of trainning and this mean a possible 5 aavs trained for next hour, then he launch the spy mission.
10:59 am - the page is loaded and he stole 1,682 money...a tear appear in his eye, because now the second place will be 75 nw closer to him
11:16 am - he go to the bathroom and take a shower...
11:28 am - he go back to his pc to know if someone messaged him...no messages...
11:48 am - he try to find a new bank and he can get 50,988 money, he decide to save his troops
12:05 pm - he eat something...but his head is in ga...he think who he could grab grab later to make other players grow slower...he also do few maths in his head.
12:55 pm - he have to study, but he check for the last time if he got any message...no messages
1:15 pm - his house lost energy and he cant use his pc!!!
1:17 pm - he becom crazy and use the phone to know if he have any friend that he could use internet
1:58 pm - still no energy...and he is in panic...his last chance: Lan house!
2:00 pm - his father arrive and explain that the energy will be back tomorrow...now our ga player start crying.
2:14 pm - he find a land house...but its too far from his house and he dont have money
2:17 pm - he try to convince his dead to give him money to use the internet, his dad ask:

"u will use the internet for study?"

he answer:

"of course not! ARGH...ops...I mean yea dear daddy :\"

his dad:

"no...I wont give u money to play that stupid game...you must sleep...last night u woke up 6 times to play that fucking game!"

2:23 pm - he is in the city and he is trying to find a way to get money. He think that one of his generals is at home now...

2:47 pm - the bus arrive and he enter in the lan house
3:13 pm - after he tried to convince all the nerdz in the lan house to let him use the pc for 3 mins, he start thinking about how to get money.
3:23 pm - he talk with the owner of the lan house...The old guy smile and accept to let the ga player use his account with one condition...yes...exactly...its what u tought...he open a door, the ga player and the old guy stay in that room for 40 mins
4:03 pm - the boy leave the room, but he isnt happy...he is tired, but he give a smile when he can touch the keyboard to use his account.
5:15 pm - the boy leave the lan house and the old guy give a huge smile and say:

"bye bye and come back!!!"

the ga player show his teeth trying to do a smile, then he leave.

6:02 pm - the ga player is at home...his dad say that the energy came back to his home at 3pm...the boy start screaming and explain what happened...
6:15 pm - the father get angry and call the cops...the old guy in the lan house would be punished...
6:26 pm - the cops, the dad and the boy enter in the lan house
6:28 pm - the cops ask what he did with the kid, he says:

"I did nothing wrong...I just asked him to clean my clothes, because I couldnt clean it for more than 2 weeks and after this he could use the internet!"

The cops says:

"u knew that guys with less than 16 years cant go to a lan house without permission from his dad??? Then why u let him use it!"

6:35 pm - the old guy go to the jail for one day and still had to pay a tax...the boy and the dad go back to home.
6:45 pm - the boy enter in his room and he smile when he see his pc...he touch the keyboard and start thinking that he will have a suicider posted in the forums, or he will have a large roid or a new message saying that he is great and he should join a nw whore group with a lot of players that he always dreamed to group.

6:50 pm - he loggin and find 3 news...he think that its from the discoveries...but he is wrong...he was assaulted.
6:53 pm - he dont believe it...he was assaulted by a suicider...but the suicider already is small enough to make a good hit...when he refresh the page he find more 3 news: revenger, stealth and blitz from the players that he failed a hit

6:58 pm - another new...the guy that launched the nukes suicider with a raid...then he get a new som and he do the math...our ga player can make a successfull grab with 2 generals and he wont be open, then he launch the grab.
7:03 pm - the guy that he just failed an assault, is an op whore and have a lot of friends...more nukes and a lot of sabotage power plants happened on our ga player.
7:06 pm - his nw dropped 1/3 with all the nukes launched...he decided to quit...he go to account control and delete.
7:44 pm - after he write a long post in PF's crying that the players in olw sux and blablabla, he get a reply in his new thread:

"tl;dr... 2,156th post!!!!" - posted by Exotic Br Power

7:48 pm - someone else post in the forum:

"yea..a new planet type would be great to bring back old players (...)" - posted by nOOb

7:51 pm - Our ga player realize that the time of the last post changed...he check the thread again

"yea..a new planet type would be great to bring back old players (...) EDIT: ops...wrong thread biggrin.gif" - posted by nOOb

8:31 pm - our ga player make a new post saying good bye to olw and saying few thing about the greatest ga players that helped him and blablabla..he think that now someone will makea significant reply...

8:45 pm - a new message posted:

"tl;dr... 2,162th post!!!!" - posted by Exotic Br Power

8:51 pm - he realize that The Dark Lost posted:

"Thread closed...reason: off topic"

9:00 pm - he jump from te second floor of his house and he break his legs....he realize that he cant do anything right, because he cant even get himself killed.
9:02 pm - he close his eye...and never opened again.

The End...

TA DA!!!!

entry Jan 20 2007, 01:36 AM
This game just have honor and fame score...I decided to go only glory...I dont like to play for honor.

Beta Round

If I'm not wrong my nick was Exotic Have An Apple or Exotic Want Ice Cream...I started late, but I still archived a top15 honor score, just doing plunders and I become top10 biggest player. It was bet round, then I believe plunders were too powerfull to get honor, and since each plunder could give us around a lot of gold (at least 1mill per plunder...usually 2mill per plunder)

Anyway...I liked the concept of the game and I decided to play...

I was Demon+water...I think it was the best combo...water had spy invisibility and intensiffy trainning...I could bribe anyone because spy invisibility could make all spy missions successfull. and IT's to make my troops cheap, 3 IT's could make our cerberus cost smaller than 1k gold!!!

Round 1

Honor - 47 Exotic Have An Apple (1:4) Demon Water 7,138
Fame - 10 Land starved Divine Gods (1:4) 8,423

I dont remember anything about this round...then dont ask me what happened biggrin.gif

Round 2

Honor - 142 Exotic (4:4) Demon Water 7,667
Fame - 33 THIS ROUND NEVER END????? (4:4) 3,662

This round was really long...and I was trying to find players for my group. As u can see I dont worried about fame...I was just trying to find a good strategy, that could make me the biggest player and I was almost there...

Round 3

Honor - 59 Exotic Demons (2:1) Demon Water 15,534
Fame - 7 -._.-We All Work Together , And You ?-._.- (2:1) 30,729

This round I went random and ended in a good sphere with many active players, but not really experienced at war, but we still archived a good score...if i'm not wrong I ended in 2nd place as biggest player.

I also found my group for round 4 and finished my Demon strategy that my group and other guy would use.

Round 4

Honor - 38 Exotic Want Ice Cream (1:1) Demon Water 16,323
Fame - 20 - = Ice Cream Store = - (1:1) 21,362

This round my sphere was the biggest we built the gardens as wonder and in my sphere we had 3 of the biggest players (Me, DaDistrict and my bro) and in other sphere I had other friend that was doing our strategy, but without garden, he was the second biggest player (Icrackmeup), nice guy...but he disappeared.

well...we werent doing many wars...then one day we had a war. The other sphere destroyed our wonder and this screwed our realms...we got 0 mana and a lot of spells penetrated our shields and we were massacred.

Round 5

Honor - 178 Exotic (1:6) Demon Water 10,820
Fame - 18 Sex Slaves (1:6) 20,222

We had a lot of changes this round...I had my group and Teelo and other friend decided to help each other...but dont worked very well....Teelo was massacred and my other friend dont really helped me...

Round 6

Not sure...but I think this round the scores wasnt archived...

Round 7

Honor - 330 Someone (1:1) Goblin Water 1,957
Fame - 4 Edge of Destruction (1:1) 40,587

I tried a round with goblin...it was horrible

Round 8

Honor - 291 Jack Sparrow The Pirate (1:9) Demon Water 4,387
Fame - 5 Gang of Everything Destroyers (1:9) 25,690

Signed up late...nothing interesting that I could remember...

Round 9

Honor - Deleted

I had to quit in the middle of the round...If I'm not wrong I was TuTiTuTiTa

Round 10

Honor - 70 Revenge (1:5) Demon Water 15,246
Fame - 21 >>>> Honor Whores <<<< (1:5) 9,407

Not sure about it...but if i'm not wrong I signed up...then i had to delete and created a new account in the first day out of nb mode...

Round 11

Honor - 207 Cypress Hill (2:7) Demon Dark 6,581
Fame - 27 Holocaust of your Defeat (2:7) 4,686

when I signed I chose the wrong spell and I just realized that, when nb mode started...I wasnt really active this round.

Round 12

Honor - Deleted
Fame - Deleted

I had to quit this round...I dont remember why...

Round 13

Honor - 52 Exotic Want Ice Cream (1:2) Demon Water 18,490
Fame - 1 - = Haphazard Sphere = - (1:2) 50,834

This was the best round of mr...I think I'll never have fun like this round. Since round 6 I just played random...After this round I started looking for group.

This round we had a lot of great players, players that already started in 1:2, late starters and a lot of good teleporters. We had our first war against possum...we won the war, but the damage done on him was insignificant, even after we target him. Anyway...we had the thieves den, then it was a little hard for us to find good wars...then we had our second war, but after that no one wanted to fight us, because we were too big.

we offered war with everybody...after that we decided to start a sphere game, like a HoF...we would choose 1 sphere and we would hit them for 48 hours...the player that grabbed the most land wins. After we did that with 3 spheres, they started thinking about team against us. yea...they made an alliance and went after us...5 spheres.

we went after one sphere first...since we were already big, we screwed with the sphere sphere...The second sphere was a little bigger, but we were the biggest sphere even after we finish our first war, with many outside hits. We won the war again...the third war was a hard fight...one of the alliances hitting us become big enough to do big hits on us. But we still won...when we started going after the fourth sphere, they teleported and the last sphere that we needed to go after was the biggest in the game.

The war was really hard and we withdrew...Possum's sphere went after them and we got our revenger, we made a lot of outside hits. Then they wanted war with us again...this time they withdrew and we wanted another war...this time we won and the game ended.

it was a funny round....and after this round, I started playing serious at war and going after wars.

Round 14

Honor - Exotic Deleted
Fame - 17 The All Mighty Sphere (3:1) 14,097

I went random and ended in a small sphere...

We were really small and 1 or 2 days b4 chaos mode I deleted...Since we dont had enough strenght to win any wars, we just tried to have all the wars possible, warring spheres 4 or 5 times bigger just to get fame points...as u can see, dont worked very well lol

Round 15

Honor - 78 Exotic Br Power (1:8) Demon Water 12,932
Fame - 5 Lords of the Drinks (1:8) 28,991

This round was funny...I played with funny players here and I also could teach few few players. I went Random this time again.

Round 16

Honor - 68 Kemet (1:2) Demon Water 15,884
Fame - 19 Dukes of Hazzard (1:2) 12,181

I wasnt active this round...Just played to see how everybody was doing.

Round 17

Honor - 98 Exotic Br Power (2:8) Dwarf Water 11,839
Fame - 19 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2:8) 10,914

I dont remember this round... I just know that this round was my last round using spells...one of the wars that I had with belgians land, almost all the spells penetrated my shields and even resistance (god bless the bucky shields)

Round 18

honor - 53 Exotic Br Power (2:6) Dwarf Dark 16,838
Fame - 16 - = The Possum Haters Club = - (2:6) 10,476

lol...this round was funny...First round playing barbarian...dont really tried fame, because it was my first round that I couldnt use spells...at least I was the biggest player in the end of the round.

Round 19

honor - 38 Exotic Sexy Dream (2:4) Gnome Dark 15,841
Fame - 13 Furry animals of DOOOOOM (2:4) 15,074

I grouped with belgian Land this round...I dont understand those girls...b4 the round start she dont wanted wars...she just wanted to be the biggest player...then one day she wanted wars...since we were the only ones in our group, our sphere was really small...we couldnt be the biggest or even win, but I had fun and she won honor.

Round 20

honor - 61 Bring It On (3:8) Gnome Fire 13,122
Fame - 23 "This Place smells like garbage" (3:8) 668

This round I decided to go honor...yes, I tried, but the first week of the round I became inactive...Belgian land used me as Bank, a lot of players plundered me...anyway...I just had to work hard and I still had a good size. To be honest 61th place when u started playing serious with 300 lands, 1 week of inactivity and after a long time not trying honor, this is a good score biggrin.gif

Round 21

honor - 73 Summer History (2:4) Dwarf Dark 13,414
Fame - 3 Brothers in Arms (2:4) 38,259

Finally I found a great group, with funny guys and experienced players at war...we had a lot of fun...we had the biggest players for a long time, but one day we decided to fight a war against 2:8...they werent hitting us hard. One day after we start going to war with 2:8, we ganged on one of the players in 1:1. this was enough to go after us...our hostility with them became bigger than 2:8, then we started going after 1:1, because we tought that we werent going to have war.

surprise...2:8 started hitting us hard...we had a 2 vs 1 war. The spheres fighting against us were like 2 mill smaller than us, not a big diference to need help from other sphere. We chose to go after 1:1 first...what a big mistake...the war was hard...we lost because 2:8 grabbed us hard...when the war was over, 2:8 wanted war and we had war and got hit by 1:1 few times...we lost both wars.

After 2 or 3 days after our war with 2:8, we decided to go after 1:1...this time we won because we dont had outside hits...After this war, I dont saw 1:1 fighting other wars untill the end of the round. When we decided to go after 2:8, they were already small, they had war with other sphere and they were massacred, many teleported or deleted.

Round 22

Glory - Morgoth ? (X:5,Y:6) Gnome 9,491 3,808,188 (after 2 huge grabs in chaos)
Honor - 49 Morgoth (1:2) Gnome Dark 17,828
Fame - 1 Arda (1:2) 66,779
Here is all our wars this round:

1:1 - they withdrew
1:3 - we won
1:4 - we won/we withdrew because we were at war with 2:1 also (double war)
2:1 - we won, we started hitting back 30hours after, because we were at war with 1:4 at same time
2:3 - we withdrew/we won
3:1 - they withdrew
3:3 - we won/started hitting them again 1 day b4 chaos

Amazing round...our sphere did a great job and we had a competition with 1:1 because they were also good at wars, they had a lot of long wars and this gave them a lot of fame points. While our sphere was getting only fast wars,we needed to fight all the wars possible, most of them with bigger spheres.

I think this round and round 13 were the best...here is few info about my round:

Gold Stolen 29,238,655
Military Assassinated 1,650
Military Bribed 25,328
Land Gained in Combat 18,019
Largest Grab 1,543
Total Units Lost 89,894
Land Lost in Combat 10,816
Average Land Assault Ratio 95%

Wonder Contributions

Gold: 9,656,765 Peasants: 247,765 Mana: 4,861,228

Charity Contributions

Gold: 19,400,882 Peasants: 0 Mana: 355,710
Scholars: 0 Spirits: 22,500 Spies: 54,000
Food: 49,584

Round 23

Glory - Lancelot Has Hemorroids ? (X:5,Y:4) Draconian 10,841 4,000,591 (2 hours b4 chaos mode)
Honor - 65 Lancelot Has Hemorroids (1:5) Draconian Fire 15,497 (Most of the researchs I dont even started)
Fame - 1 Faster Than The Speed Of Knight. (1:5) 70,287

The round started really well...we had a good activity and a good growth,a growth that could bring us problem. Most of us were draconians, I think only 1 wasnt draconian and to complete the combo we built cavalry. Once we finished it, we started looking for war...we had the land lead for a while, untill the spheres started having their first wars.

1st war:

I tried to find a war...then one day I messaged all spheres said no...except few spheres saying that they would fight us later, just not now (2:1, 3:5 and 2:6). if noone would fight us, then we would force on someone. We went after 1:1...they were big and had the 2 biggest players. In the beginning they dont wanted to fight us, but they dont had choice and we had war status.

we started losing, most of us had too much land and we had to worrie about our variables. Then spells and other buildings couldnt be finished...our only way to get war points was from grabs and spies. Then we started doing all the grabs possible and used a small realm as our war point source for spies...I'm sure that we would be massacred later, because Fangorn and Belgian land were getting bigger, but I was sure that we would win, but that small player withdrew the war :\

2nd war:

we had 1 or 2 days to recover because 2:1 were waiting for us...then we started hitting each other and we had war status. Then I realized...one of our group member was inactive, just because he was going out with a girl.

*shakes head*...womens lol

well...we dont had all spells researched and not enough activity to beat 2:1...We gave easy points for 2:1, they won and last time that checked they had more than 4k war points.

3rd war:

I was pissed, because we had 2 wars, no wins and one of the wars we lost by a lot of points :\

We worked on our spells and spiesand decided to look for other war 2 days later...we found 3:6. We had the same size, but looking for the past wars, I tought that we couldnt win, but we won, we had a lot of war points. It was a normal war, without anything interesting.

4th war:

once the war finished, we had good teleporters one of them was Sneezy/josh that fought against us in our first war. Then I had to go into vacation mode...but we already had someone else to fight us, we were just waiting 1:7 to finish their war...but 1:1 started hitting us...I dont know what they were thinking, because they were a lot smaller and we had a war with them again...we won.

5th war:

when our war was over...we went after 1:7...it was a normal war, they were 2 or 3 mill bigger if I'm not wrong and we won. 3 win in a row make anyone happy and those wars gave us energy to go fight for the first place.

6th war:

we tried to find a new war, but most of our choices were already fighting or dont wanted to fight us...then we decided to fight against a thieves den...they were a little smaller, but we had bigger players that could do alot of assaults. 3:5 started to hit us looking for war, because 2:1 wanted to fight them. B4 2:3 accept, 2:1 asked us for another war, but we had to say no because they were first place and we couldnt give them easy war points...we would fight them again if we had a good lead in fame points.

2:3 had to finish one problem b4 have war with us...then we got war status with 3:5. Even with their size we could get an even war for almost the whole war...then my sphere started to get more and more war points untill one of them withdraw.

7th war:

I started looking for a enw war...we dont even waited, because we needed to stay ahead of points, because 2:1 was really close. We asked war for 2:3 and 2:7 and both accepted and started hitting us...we had to choose between one of them, since our hostility with 2:7 were bigger we asked 2:3 to wait.

2:7 was a lot smaller...but they almost ruined our chance to winthe round, when they destroyed our wonder . But this was the best that could happen, because they destroyed in the first hours of the war. They couldnt get easy war points casting war points on our wonder while my sphere just had a great spy target and casting spells on their wonder without destroying it. we won by a lot of war points.

8th war:

Since 2:3 were at war...we couldnt fight them...and 2:2 and 2:1 were fighting each other, both would be ahead of us in fame points once the war finished...then we had to find a war fast. 1:7 accepted to fight us again...they were bigger, but we couldnt lose the chance.

our war was good...most of the time we were ahead by 1k points...then chaos was announced. 2:1 and 2:2 couldnt get more wp...my sphere would get enough points when that war with 1:7 was over.

we withdrew 2 or 3 wars b4 chaos mode and we became first place \o/

1:1 - they withdrew
2:1 - we lost
3:6 - we won
1:1 - we won
1:7 - we won
3:5 - they withdrew
2:7 - we won
1:7 - they withdrew

Gold Stolen 25,163,269
Land Gained in Combat 16,419
Gained Exploring and Discovery 6,391 (Cavalry)
Land Lost in Combat 12,561
Largest Grab 742
Average Land Assault Ratio 61%

Total Units Lost 135,593

Wonder Contributions
Gold: 6,887,638 Peasants: 42,733 Mana: 639,000

Charity Contributions
Gold: 42,270,000 Peasants: 5,020 Mana: 4,188,300
Scholars: 700 Spirits: 7,152 Spies: 0

The true players that gave us that victory is: Spamalot, Sneezy aka Josh, SecundNotiz and KinG ArtHuR HaS 2 ChIT.

Troops from Lancelot Has Hemorroids (1:5) assaulted Khemkhaeng (3:5) and conquered 1,832 land.

Round 24

Glory - Masaru Kato / Gantz Deleted
Honor - Masaru Kato / Gantz Deleted
Fame - Gantz (1:5)

This round I grouped without prince, but I was going to play with Guinevere (past round), truthd, nagash and dark lands.

Our sphere theme was Gantz, its a great anime...u can see it on a channel called Animax :]

We would be going after thieves den this time, and this round it would be my first round playing without barbarian after a loooong time...But I lost my account for inactivity in the 1st week of the game (real life problems). I created my account again and asked chick to let me join 1:5.

My sphere dont built the wonder...we dont had any chance, then number of active players in our sphere wasnt good. Then a newbie built garden...

Since the beginning of the round we could see that we dont had a chance to get a good fame score...first because dark lands became inactive and died...second because we just had 4 active players...third because we dont had any sphere with our size and our activity to have war, just spheres with 3 or 4 mill glory bigger than us wanted... fourth because our group members got busy with real life and we werent paying too much attention to mr.

we might had a chance when Josh and other 2 guys telported to our sphere...but still wasnt enough...our activity wasnt good.

but we had a war...against 3:1 (if I'm not wrong)...we werent losing or winning...the war points stay between -600 and 600 untill we decide to steal their wonder (OTF), then we stop casting our spells and they finally had over 2k war points. We were going to steal their wonder and withdraw or surrender...but 2 or 3 hours b4 we decide to do that, they withdrew...

after 1 week or more I had to quit...not enough time :\

Now I'll have a loooon g break...not sure for how much time...

Round 25

Glory - Sphere Bonus - I couldnt save it, but I was around top15
Honor - 108 Sphere Bonus (2:5) Dwarf Light 9,238
Fame - 19 The Void (3:8) 4,625 / 20 Rogue Nations (2:5) 4,099 / 1 ~ Shadow Lands ~ (2:1) 56,381

This round I went random because I dont had time to play, wasted my money 1 time per day...It wasnt really good round, I teleported 2 times to see where I could land and maybe found a friend...but nothing interesting happened...

Round 26

Glory - Myiamoto Musashi - I couldnt save it, but I wasnt small or big.
Honor - 86 Miyamoto Musashi (2:3) Draconian Dark 11,014
Fame - 12 Exotics Warriors From Nowhere (2:3) 19,125

It was a nice round...only 4 active players, one of them was Mandragora (really good player,I hope to play with him soon again). We had 3 wars in the end of the round and we won all, all against bigger and with more active players. Nothing more interesting happened with me or my sphere.

Round 27

Glory - Exotic Br Power (1:2) - Icouldnt saveit, but if I'm not wrong I had around 3,5mill glory
Honor - 90 Exotic Br Power (1:2) Gnome Dark 11,288
Fame - 12 Rule Breakers (1:2) 31,964

Boring round...My sphere was big, but dont had too much activity...few posts and only 2 wars, first war we have it for more than 210h and the other sphere withdrew. Our second war happened few days b4 chaos and we won without problems. When chaos started I had problems with my internet andIcouldnt join any group for round 28 :\

Round 28

Glory - Exotic Br Power ? (X:1,Y:8) Draconian 4,713 2,711,697 (saved after few bribes)
Honor - 67 Exotic Br Power (1:2) Draconian Dark 12,488
Fame - 7 Nightmare after (?) Christmas...wtf is this name? (1:2) 30,262

It was a fun round...I wanted to play with Nagash and truthd, but I couldnt join their group because I had no internet.

Josh appeared in my sphere after he delete his old account...Wars? not many and nothinginteresting...our first warhappened against 1:1...we won after a +120h war. Our secondwar was against 1:6, they withdrew...third against 3:1, they withdrew and our last war was against 2:4 and chaos started. We had a lot of players, but not really active.

Next round is close now...I already created my group.

End Of Transmissioin

entry Jan 15 2007, 05:24 PM
Well...I'm not sure if this is right...I cant remember exactly my names.

Round 1

Networth - Puma Deleted
Land - Puma Deleted

I'm not sure...about this because this round was long time ago and I wasnt really active. Deleted after 3 or 4 weeks.

Round 2

Networth - 314 exotic (3:23) 507,346 (more than 500 players)
Land - 302 exotic (3:23) 1,681 (more than 500 players)
System - 41 We fight for the honor of [PowerHouse] & (3:23) 4,468,391 (120 systems)
Alliance - 10 Devil 22,225,283 (20 alliances)

I think this round I started trying to play serious...I was Demon CO, then I became Demon AAL and created Devil alliance. This round I met a lot of players...most of them already quit, but they played with later.

Not sure how many rounds I played trainning only lasermen...I dont had too much time to focus on my growth because I was playing other games serious.

This round Demon changed the AL and changed the name to PowerHouse (finished 5th). The AL became a really good friend and we were going to work together next round.

Round 3

Networth - 350 exotic (3:30) 878,911 (more than 500 players)
Land - 370 exotic (3:30) 2,277 (more than 500 players)
System - 52 need 3 more good systems to join (3:30) 7,795,187 (120 systems)
Alliance - 12 WeRule 34,397,165 (21 alliances)

If I'm not wrong...my friend created an alliance called Shiznak...it was a big alliance and my alliance was around 6th 7th place, then we had a big war and most of our players teleported because they were afraid to fight. Shizzer was Shiznak AL (londorondo). Next round Chick added wonder and groups.

Round 4

Networth - 203 Exotic of 10th Legion (3:25) 1,911,207 (more than 500 players)
Land - 193 Exotic of 10th Legion (3:25) 4,938 (more than 500 players)
System - 12 *Feed Me* (3:25) 21,679,301 (155 systems)
Alliance - 7 Napalm 39,101,445 (83 alliances)

This was my first round playing really serious.

I believe this was one of my best round in ga...Our system was first or second for almost the whole round. Shizzer (the AL that we worked together last round was first place and we had a good number of medium players). Our CO was good enough to create other 15 Napalms Alliances (2 systems per alliance).

The round was going fine, untill we join a war and we get our system screwed. We had the citadel...imagine what happened when our wonder was destroyed...yea... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Round 5

Networth - 135 Exotic of 10th Legion (2:38) 2,878,570 (more than 500 players)
Land - 131 Exotic of 10th Legion (2:38) 6,856 (more than 500 players)
System - 75 We Will Have Ice Cream Next Game Because (2:38) 9,826,717 (160 systems)
Alliance - 11 WeRule 55,771,113 (39 alliances)

This round I went random...my whole group from round 4 quit...Londorondo and other guy came other rounds, but always suicided or deleted when they werent getting big enough like the other players.

Shiva started this round...he landed in my system and his growth was really good for a new player. I gave him the SL after he ask me, because he really wanted to play serious. I also met other players like james...he is the only noob that I tried to teach and couldnt become top50...always smaller than top150.

I also met my best ga friends that would help me untill round 11. Royal, his gf, james, my bro and decapolis.

Round 6

Networth - 250 Exotic Want Ice Cream (1:33) 1,862,489 (more than 500 players)
Land - 244 Exotic Want Ice Cream (1:33) 4,393 (more than 500 players)
System - 27 Ice Cream Store Of (1:33) 15,664,848 (160 systems)
Alliance - 6 GodWeTrust 74,266,374 (34 alliances)

First round as an Ice Cream...I was talking with one of my mates from round 4 and we were trying to find a theme for my group next round...we wasted a lot of hours...maybe 5...I dont really remember. Then I told him that I was going to get ice cream for me, then he told me to use ice cream as theme. TA DA!

This round was horrible...I had to stay offline the whole nb mode, but I gave orders to what everybody should while I was away: My AAL would create the aliance and I told him to invite exact systems because we already had all the system organized since last round.

he dont created the alliance...he joined other alliance...the alliance had 2 system...the AL left the alliance and we stayed alone...all my other systems joined other alliance and when I come back my whole system used me as land and money farm

ok...better my system get the resources than someone else. But the alliance was hard to organize...I met starfleetcomand this round... TNG AL.

I just remember that I created an alliance...dont worked very well...then I started talking with decapolis and we created an alliance together...he was the AL and I was the AAL. We got other system and we became a good alliance.

but my round was screwed when I found that I couldnt trust on few players...

Round 7

Networth - Targetted
Land - Targetted
System - I cant remember...maybe 4:17
Alliance - No alliance

I not sure...I think this was random or I just wanted to go random to meet more players and worked.

I was Ghost Commander...just a normal SL trying tot each their noobs and playing his game...then one of my noobs did a mistake and Fellowship wanted to target my nOOb. I told him that they couldnt kill him...then they targetted me.

I died...and created a new account (Exotics revenger) and landed in 2:4 (Fellowship HQ). I was targetted again when I left nb mode and launched few nukes and ops on their alliance leader.

Then round ended and I was invited to join the group of the players that targetted me...if I'm not wrong I met Duras this round. He was Fellowship AAL.

Round 8

Networth - 259 Exotic Want Ice Cream (1:2) 2,118,384 (more than 500)
Land - 270 Exotic Want Ice Cream (1:2) 4,733 (more than 500)
System - 79 ==Ice Cream Store== (1:2) 10,288,901 (160 systems)
Alliance - I dont remember

well..I'm not sure what happened...if I'm not wrong I joined the group with my bro (Looking for Ice Cream...but I think the players that should have group with became inactive)...who cares.

This wasnt an interesting round for me...it was getting bored...

Round 9

Not sure about this round...I dont remember my nickname and where I landed and even wich alliance I joined...

This might be one of the rounds that I couldnt play all the time...

Round 10

Networth - 81 Exotic Have An Apple (2:8) 3,298,705 (more than 500 players)
Land - 71 Exotic Have An Apple (2:8) 7,584 (more than 500 players)
System - 43 We Arent For Ya...Because We BITE (2:8) 16,587,229 (75 systems)
Alliance - 11 SimPlanet 62,130,849 (15 alliances)

Fruits theme...my system had a good score for half of the round untill one of our alliance mates decide to create a sister alliance HavocBro (12th). Our sister started messing with other alliances and we had to clean their job. This screwed my system and our both alliances because we lost a lot of active and funny players.

Round 11

Networth - 91 Lord Ice Cream (2:10) 3,472,180 (more than 500 players)
Land - 80 Lord Ice Cream (2:10) 7,834 (more than 500 players)
System - 8 -=Ice Cream Store=- (2:10) 37,633,433 (75 systems)
Alliance - 5 TRUTH 140,096,208 (14 alliances)

This round was great...but also my last round with the players that helped since round 5.

Decapolis created the alliance...I was AAL and SL. We built cookie this round and helped a lot...we had a full system and everybody had more than 1mill nw (most of us had 2mill). We were 1st for almost the whole round, untill one of the alliances in the game start a war and we start helping them...we werent targetted, but we had to stop our growth a little... it was enough for other systems get bigger than us.

I met good friends this round...like DaDistrict and MELDREW!

meldrew is one of my best buddies...he is cool and who could believe that one day he would be a top10 player??? But its really sad that few rounds later his legs fell in the bathroom...but he still is a great player and one day we might group. Bah..who cares? I hope that this emo mother fucker get steamrolled!!!

Round 12

Networth - 231 Venger The Evil Villian (1:27) 1,671,944 Targetted (more than 500 players)
Land - 262 Venger The Evil Villian (1:27) 3,411 Targetted (more than 500 players)
System - 22 Iím playing ga since the First beta Round (1:27) 14,916,438 (120 systems)
Alliance - 6 Coalition 90,090,920 (16 alliances)

I dont remember very much about this round...I dont remember who grouped with me...If I'm not wrong I was AAL and I got targetted because I tried to protect a trouble maker in my system. The troublemaker wasnt targetted...

we used the Dungeon and Dragon theme...

Round 13

I had to quit after 3 weeks...I was really busy in the college and I couldnt play ga and mr, then I had to play only mr.

Round 14

Networth - 155 Amon Ra Wolf (2:6) 1,948,391 Targetted (more than 500 players)
Land - 159 Amon Ra Wolf (2:6) 4,033 Targetted (more than 500 players)
System - 25 Locked and (2:6) 16,096,962 (60 systems)
Alliance - 4 SoReloaded 93,573,799

I grouped with Lone Wolf this round...I dont really remember what happened...but I know that we were pissed, because everytime that we did a hit we were ganged by someone...then we launched few nukes and we both got hit hard...I dont remember if Lone launched nukes, but I launched...it was my first round using Nukes for revenge

Round 15

Networth - 466 Exotic (5:1) 393,282
Land - 345 Exotic (5:1) 1,988
System - 38 oh no we are at WAR with ROMA (2:5) 14,444,125
Alliance - 5 Random 40,988,107

Man...I hate Roma...the AL was an ignorant pt. I think he is the biggest nOOb in OLW history. he was the first player that I dont liked.

This round I signed as JackSparrow or something like that... met Mavros and Lyko...both good players...then I deleted and I signed up after my exams finished...

Round 16

Networth - 31 Crazy Pirates Junkers Ju (1:10) 6,965,388 (more than 500 players)
Land - 30 Crazy Pirates Junkers Ju (1:10) 10,783
System - 6 The Universes Mediocre NW Whores (1:10) 49,435,353
Alliance - I dont remember...

This score isnt really mine...I had to quit after 5 or 6 weeks...Then I gave my account to my friend. If I'm not wrong I was top60 when I left.

This round I joined Decapolis' Group and we had an airplane theme.

Round 17

Networth - 141 Crazy Have 2 Nipples (3:6) 1,346,216 (more than 500 players)
Land - 158 Crazy Have 2 Nipples (3:6) 2,706 (more than 500 players)
System - 37 Hooterís cant be (3:6) 9,432,064 (45 systems)
Alliance - 6 Hidden 65,205,783 (9 alliances)

This round I wasnt really active...wasting more time with SK, MR and other games...I think this round I created the rumor about the DL's third nipple

Round 18

Networth - 342 Ghost (4:6) 427,598 (430 players)
Land - 322 Ghost (4:6) 1,542
System - 13 Guess what? (4:6) 29,022,284 (40 systems)
Alliance - 3 Legend 139,194,441 (10 alliances)

Signed up late...

Round 19

Networth - 320 Just Exotic (5:8) 456,688
Land - 290 Just Exotic (5:8) 1,756
System - 14 Flying Ninja Pirates of Death (5:8) 36,435,112 (40 systems)
Alliance - Coalition

I was Sofa King Hates Me or Loves Me...I dont remember...I was doing good, we were playing without alliance then we decided to joina big alliance, we were in 1:2. I made 2 good friends...but I always get confused, I never know who is who, Sofa king, Ganjah and other name that I cant remember. I had to delete, because was going to stay offline for a long time, then I signed up again.

Round 20

Networth - 134 Exotic Want Ice Cream (1:37) 2,097,510 (438 players)
Land - 183 Exotic Want Ice Cream (1:37) 2,953 ( 438 players)
System - 14 The Revolutionists (1:37) 28,977,488 (40 systems)
Alliance - I dont remember...

It was a normal round...back after a long time...then I just went random and tried to find any potential nOObs to teach and create a new group. I dont found any interesting nOOb...but they all in other rounds became top10 players, but now most of them stopped playing 3 or 4 rounds later...

Round 21

Networth - 322 BlackPearl (1:11) 482,622 (446 players)
Land - 330 BlackPearl (1:11) 1,591 (446 players)
System - 32 Time Goes By (1:11) 16,676,352 (40 systems)
Alliance - 6 NoFear 110,349,978

Op Planet because I started late...busy because I was going to live in other city, then I had a lot of thing to do. I dont checked, but I think this was one of the first rounds of NoFear...the first time that I played with them I liked...

Round 22

Networth - 119 Maximus (1:2) 2,116,188 (392 players)
Land - 134 Maximus (1:2) 3,402 (392 players)
System - 16 HEAVEN AND HELL ARE (1:2) 21,256,074 (30 systems)
Alliance - 3 Reality 84,739,941 (12 alliances)

Nothing interesting for me...I was busy in real life, then I couldnt worrie about other planets and whatwas going on in ga...I just played my own game and trying to play with only 1 log per day.

Round 23

Networth- Exotic Wolf Targetted
Land - Exotic Wolf Targetted
System - I cant remember
Alliance - 8 AlwaysFun 36,622,242 (12 alliances)

The round was good, then everybody was boring, because we dont had wars...I was doing fine, always around top15 and when I was top10, I was hit by someone. I signed random and ended in Lone Wolf's system...but he become inactive and I was the only one with wolf in the planet name in my system. I was montainous+bank and I had a lot of time to waste in my account and I dont had real problems with thiefs...if one of them stole more than 3 I just had to threat and they stopped.

Mr E (ominae yu) was kicking everybody ass...he was doing an amazing job with his account, many players saying that he deserved the first place. Well...since everybody was complainning about a boring round, my friend, tris and I started planning a war (for no reason, just to have fun), then we decided to target Mr E...doing this many alliances would get involved. He had the positron shields, then all our damae was done by raids and a lot of nukes...in few mins he was half of his size.

The war started, an our alliance was screwed by chocolate (3 times bigger than us)...I had a lot of fun this round...and I think Ominae hate me now lol

Round 24

Networth - 90 Massive Alien Planet (1:6) 3,657,265 (424 players)
Land - 65 Massive Alien Planet (1:6) 6,709 (424 players)
System - 22 We Die For (1:6) 27,531,858 (30 systems)
Alliance - 6 HELLKLIM 95,605,200 (6 alliances)

This was my first round playing with Heklim...She banned me from Alliance Forums, after my spam...then I decided to dont help anyone and just play my own game...I wasnt trying to grow big, just talking with players outside of the alliance to meet someone that could be my group member.

Round 25

Networth - 107 The Virus (2:13) 3,406,426 (392 players)
Land - 138 The Virus (2:13) 4,124
System - 34 Newbies Land! biggrin.gif (2:13) 11,693,491 (45 systems)
Alliance - 6 lnsanity 50,304,829 (7 alliances)

I had to turtle the first 3 weeks of the round...not real turtle...I just explored because I dont had time to hit anyone...This round I finally got a group for next round.

Round 26

Networth - 148 DIECensoredSuckerDIE (2:6) 2,527,213 Targetted (388 players)
Land - 149 DIECensoredSuckerDIE (2:6) 4,233 Targetted (388 players)
System - 9 Are you afraid? You should be. (2:6) 39,980,038 (36 systems)
Alliance - 4 PIE 130,018,626 (9 alliances)

Finally started playing again, but really serious now...

we had a censored theme group...We were doing good...untill Someone create goliath and everybody started complainning about that they had a lot of top20 players (it was insane...like 70% of the players there). Everybody complainning that they were killing ga and blablabla, then Pie declared war with them...we were a lot smaller, then I think they dont even worried about us trying to target them...anyway...few system left goliath and created Peregrine. Same bullshit happened and again pie declared war on peregrine alone...This time we were targetted but at least more alliances were involved.

DL wasnt playing but made a lot of alliance going to war with those huge alliances...This round we started planning an alliance for round 27.

Round 27

Networth - 105 Heroin (2:12) 2,405,219 Targetted (268 players)
Land - 129 Heroin (2:12) 2,669 Targetted (268 players)
System - 18 Euphoria is bliss. (2:12) 20,487,683 (30 systems)
Alliance - 6 Fable 63,427,577 (8 alliances)

This round we planned to be ready to have war with anyone...then heklim and I had a volc+sg group for fast return time. One of the group in our alliance was going after glory whoring (fangorns group) and DL's group had wicky and other great players...our alliance was one of the biggest alliances, untill we get few problems and few of them decide to leave the aliance.

We had our war...and our group did a good job...we targetted tanker and mass raided him with our 3 generals grabs.

it was a funny round...I liked it.

Round 28

Networth - Rewop Rb Citoxe Targetted
Land - Targetted
System - I dont remember
Alliance - I dont remember

This round we tried to have the SG again...but we build EF...we just had one active players when the first players left nb mode and SG was build that hour, then we build EF. It was a nice round...we werent really trying to get killed...Then Syndicate started doing gang bangs on the biggest players...the possible threats for syndicate.

almost all my system was ganged...then we were pissed and we targetted someone that I cant remember, then we got killed...not sure about heklim and the other but, I was targetted untill dead.

Round 29

Networth - Massive Cyborg Planet Deleted
Land - Massive Cyborg Planet Deleted
System - I dont remember
Alliance - I dont remember

I decided to sign up because I wanted to see if chcick did any new changes...I went random and landed with tris...Man...I think if I played the whole round, I would say that this was my worst round. Roach was AL, i'm sorry, but his leadership skill sux and screwed our first alliances...then Tris left the alliance and created a new one. I was saying the whole time for us start planning something against valks b4 they decided to do something against us, Roach said that we would get killed and bla bla bla, tris wasnt worried because he had a treaty with them, but dont worked for too much time, then he was targetted.

in the end...roach teleported (chicken), tris was screwed and our system was a mess...I tried to fix it, but not many active players, except Pirkeva...he was the only one active enough. I deleted and worried about mr, because I was in a funny system

Round 30

Networth - 104 TheLuckyBoyWith2Girls (1:10) 633,918 Deleted
Land - 92 TheLuckyBoyWith2Girls (1:10) 2,156 Deleted
System - 21 Now and Forever (1:10) 5,649,744
Alliance - 5 Valiant 25,333,552

I just grabbed the roids...with EF on effect, I tried to use the lame turtle strategy because I wasnt playing serious...I signed this round because my friend asked and in the end I ended in a system with 2 hot ladies (Taiben and Heklim)...many players tought that I grouped with her, but I just said that I wasnt playing, just one friend and my system knew who I was...there I also found an old friend that was playing for 9 or 10 rounds.

Then I decided to quit...I had my reasons...

Round 31

Networth - Kats Pornstar Lover (1:8) Deleted
Land - Kats Pornstar Lover (1:8) Deleted
System - Exotic Rule ALL!!! (1:8)
Alliance - TrueStory

I'm to lazy to get the archived scores for system and alliance, but I think alliance was top3 and system was below top20.

This round had everything to be great...first time that I was going to group with Meldrew69 since we met round 11. We were thinking about make a group just for us, but he invited Tom, James and Kat to join us...our old buddies.

I was just playing this round because he invited me and because he was going to pay a premium for me...if wasnt that reason I wouldnt sign up.

Our theme was Kats something...
Kats Pretend Boyfriend = Meldrew69
Kats Snowboard Buddy = Tom
Kats Sexy Marine = James
Kat = Kat

we were one of the strongest system and really active...I wanted to play allianceless, but meldrew created TrueStory...after I realize what is the idea behind of this alliance, I tought that this alliance could work very well. The systems that wanted to play without alliance, would join us and they would get help from other systems, if they couldnt solve their problems. Looks like a normal alliance...but each system had their own policy and usually the SL's dont even try to solve the problem, they just post in AF's and wait someone to solve it.

well...then our group started to fall...first James...deleted, then Kat died for inactivity, then Meldrew deleted...I tought that Tom and I would be the last ones to play the whole round. After medlrew delete, I decided to turtle...I was doing fine since I dont really understand how to play turtle, but I tought that I could archive at least a top25 score untill chaos.

One day I log and find 50 news...most of them nukes, I was 38th b4 the nukes...since I wasnt playing with shields, all the nukes hit me. After that I teleported trying to land in a system from Fantasy and maybe find the reason for why I was targetted. I landed somewhere else, then I deleted.

Could be a good round...but it was the worst way to end a round.

lets see what happens next round with all those new features...

Round 32

Networth - Eric Cartman (2:15) Deleted
Land - Eric Cartman (2:15) Deleted
System - Feed Me (2:15)

This round we had really good changes: new research tree, new buildings, moonbases, etc...

It was a random round and in my system we had good players, trinity (teleported once we left nb mode), me (of course), Alexia (1:5) from past round and someone that I never heard about...We start playing the round without alliance, because it was a better option for us. We built cookie factory as wonder. While I was playing active, I stayed around 30th place...Then I had to quit because my real life was taking a lot of time...b4 quit, my system created an alliance, I dont remember the name.

I think I'll have a long break...maybe 3 or 4 rounds...or even more...

Round ??

Networth - Exotic Br Power (?:??) Deleted
Land - Exotic Br Power (?:??) Deleted
System - I cant remember (?:??)

Thisround I grouped with nersandother players...I cant remember who...Our group had only one mission: nukes...well...ners started reallysoon...I started a little late, but at least we both launched our nukes as retal...one day I login and realize thatI'm the only one from the group in the system...Ners was targetted and died and the rest teleported...

I just deleted later when I had to stop playing...

Round 36

Networth - 134 Exotic Sexy Machine (2:10) 1,698,569Targetted
Courage - 64 Exotic Sexy Machine (2:10) 750 Targetted
Land - 125 Exotic Sexy Machine (2:10) 3,468 Targetted
System - 6 INSLUT #1 (2:10) 80,878,578
Alliance - 2 INSANITY 449,981,220

I just signed, because I was bored and I had towait mr to start...when I activate my account I realizethat meldrew, nadz, goblins rampage and other players landed in my system. But the best part was who was in the alliance: Hek, nabob and other funny guys...

lol...I dont even had to think twice to know that I would play the whole round...I started playing serious...I stayed top25 and I wasnt top10 because Ileft nb mode with crap troops (started late the trainning...why its always on weekends...nbmode in the middle of the week isa lot better!).

Anyway...I stoppedgoing serious when I tried to convince the alliance to gang on 1:1...they dont accepted and I decided to work on my nukes and only offense...Of course my size startedto drop compared to other players. One day I had 160k dragoons and 30k riflemen...not enough defense for my size, but noone was hitting me...when I decided to work on my defense, ppl start spying me, but still no hits...thehits just started to happen when I grabbed 3 times a suicider from [Covenant] and they targetted me because I didnt know how to play...lol

SexyLoser was the strongest alliance when the round started...then we merged with Dangerous to disband other alliance...then we created 2alliances SexyLosers and Insanity, we stayed in Insanity and we were the strongest for the rest of the round...I think covenant just won, because they got more systems (no alliance size this round) or because one of our systems left to avoid the war status.

Next roundI'm going to play...I hope we have a group round :-P

End of Transmission...

entry Jan 12 2007, 05:13 PM
- 16 years old
- commited
- Dont know how to calculate 2+2
- nice player
- Syndicate player...if someone mess with his mate he hit back. Looks like a couple of gays biggrin.gif
- I heard that he have short legs.

- 50 years old
- he have a small penis
- he created the bucky shields in mr...never buythis shield, its horrible, all spells penetrate your magic shields.
- single, but sometimes he have a date with chick

- 12 years old
- he study in the same school of Tempest, both do the homework together...at least they try.
- I heard that he have a pig as pet and the name is merecis
- one of his arms is really strong...he waste a lot of hours in the bathroom doing exercises

- OLW was create by chick and fugs
- she told everybody that she have +60 years old...but I heard that she is a 30 years old hot lady and she tel everybody that she is old to avoid perverts like Wicky.
- she is single...but not for too much time, she is going to marrie with bucky...he just dont know about it
- Her hobby is watch noobs posting sugestions for mr, ga and startrades

- u saw the movie called Jack? The one that Robbie Willians is a child of 8yrs old in a body of 30yrs...Its richi's true story. His avatar in pf is when he had 5 yrs old.
- i'm not sure...but I believe that not many players like him.
- he is single...but dont be happy...I heard that he is trying to be a priest.
- he become red when he drink alchool...u know...like japaneses when they drink beers.
- he act like an experienced player...but all his scores isnt his work. He is just lucky that he never grabbed me...or he would get all nukes 2 times per week untill the end of the round.

- play GA for a looooooooong time, but not many knows him...
- a complete olw mistery...maybe a she or he...noone knows...well....who cares??
- His favorite music is telletubbies' song

entry Jan 11 2007, 06:51 PM
Here is a little description about few players:

- From Chile
- 44 years old
- Married with a cool girl
- Nice Player
- Smell Funny
- and he have 6 fingers on each hand.

- 28 years old
- single
- Nice Player
- Smell like fish
- he wake up in the middle of the night to use his ga account.
- I dont know if he have a score archived, because he alwasy delete after few players gang on him.

- 13 years old
- Married with one of olw players (galakas is his nick) and his room mate is his lover
- He is emo...he cry when he is alone in a dark place.
- His legs fell few years ago.
- funny guy, but always trying to bring u to the homosexual side!
- NEW STUFF: he share bed with other guys...usually guys that he met on the streets and both r drunk.

The Dark Lord:
- 15 years old
- single, but sometimes he have a date with fugs
- Ex-Spammer and now he is a moderator that hate spammers
- he have 3 nipples
- nice player and also one of the most hated...I guess.

Prince Imrahil:
- 82 years old
- married with nagash (other olw player)
- hated by many in magerealms...I wonder why? glare.gif
- He get horny with lemons

- 12 years old
- his birthday happened few days ago...he dont had to sleep at 9pm.
- I heard that he have a lover and Prince dont know about it

- 35 years old
- Crazy girl
- Everyday she is drunk
- A lot of players hate her and this is one of the reasons that she targetted every round in ga.
- She loves me :*
- Nice player
- single...I guess...

Belgian Land:
- 60 years old
- Cry every round because someone gang on her
- won mr 3 times in a row \o/
- nice player
- she also loves me :*
- single...but looking for men!!!!!

- 21 years old
- Smell good
- Commited
- Great Player
- Sexy
- Smart
- Strong
- Cool
- he isnt a spammer like everybody say
- he likes girls and gilrs likes him

- 10 years old
- smell like an ugly baby
- Turtle
- single
- he loves richi...always asking him for his underwear or even a date
- nOOb of the century
- I heard that he have hemorroids

ummm...if I remember more players I'll post other day biggrin.gif

entry Jan 9 2007, 02:02 PM
One day I was walking on the street and realized that someone was watching me. I look at the sky and I heard a voice saying: "Marcos, You Are The Man!"



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