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4 Mar 2013
For those playing this round, might have noticed the "war" going on between 1:2 and 1:8, however 1:8 is suffering a mole siding with the enemy that's tossing nukes within his sphere.

Mar 2, 10:30 pm A Blitzkrieg missile launched from (1:8) hit Sneaky (1:8) and destroyed 49 land, killed 59,539 population, destroyed no special ops, and killed a lot of military troops.
Mar 2, 10:31 pm A FreeFall missile launched from (1:8) hit Sneaky (1:8) and destroyed 66 land, killed 28,787 population, destroyed no special ops, and there were no military casualties.
Mar 2, 10:31 pm A Revenger missile launched from (1:8) hit Sneaky (1:8) and destroyed 33 land, killed no population, destroyed no special ops, and there were no military casualties.
Mar 3, 4:26 am A Revenger missile launched from (1:8) hit Sneaky (1:8) and destroyed 33 land, killed no population, destroyed no special ops, and there were no military casualties.
Mar 3, 4:26 am A Shadow missile launched from (1:8) hit Sneaky (1:8) and destroyed 33 land, killed 61,919 population, destroyed some special ops, and killed a lot of military troops.

Well you get the point, my sectormate was heading towards 0 power, gave him the hint to get rid of his excess scientists, by tossing them on the mole in our sphere through charity, so that at least he would have to disband them. But we got lucky and the guy never got home that same tick.

Population: 307,037
Soldiers: 1,831
Scientists: 53,508
AAVs: 187,802
Starfighters: 40,926

Became the following in just 1 tick:

Population: 93,277
Power: 0
Soldiers: 0
Scientists: 606,868
AAVs: 0
Starfighters: 0

What a lovely way of getting rid of a nuissance in your own sphere smile.gif
18 Aug 2012
Chick, i know i suggested to drop the amount of spheres, but now there are 2 "invisible" spheres. Are the peeps in those gonna be forced to teleport? Cause i don't know if they can attack others, but peeps sure as hell can't attack them unless they purposely type in 1:6 in the spy/attack screen, but then you still haven't got a clue how big they are before you spy em.
13 Aug 2012
Title says it all... Lower the amount of spheres to 6. Last round there was always 1 sphere barely filled (it averaged to 2-3 with only 3 peeps). Would be better for the game to start the game with only 6 spheres and increase the slots if all 6 have been completely filled.

As things are now this round, the person who gets placed in 1:7 will already be royally screwed cause he'll end up all alone.
9 Aug 2012
The Realm of Zanarkand in Sphere (1:3) at 05:47 PM on August 09, 2012
Ruler Name: Lady Yuna
Race: Gnome
Personality: War General
Magic Type: Water
Honor: 35,706
Morale: 12,000
Glory: 22,389,480
Gold: 389
Mana: 2,860,000
Peasants: 93,193
Land: 28,312
Spirits: 0
Scholars: 105,000
Tinkers: 0
Mechanics: 0
Workmen: 0
Engineers: 0
Iron Golem: 428,214
Mecha Dragon: 253,967

Honor, land & glory while i couldn't even attack anyone since week 3.
Hopefully next round has some people who can actually put up a fight.

And i really hope chick reviews her lowbie protection. Cause it's going out of whack imo when big realms can't even defend themselves in wars.
14 Jul 2012
Jul 13, 4:04 pm We cast the Tsunami spell at ramping pink (1:2) and destroyed 60 buildings, 564 peasants, 197 military units, and scared many peasants.

Ramping pink has 2000 land, which means i destroyed only +-3% of his buildings. This means that the protection from a huge realm ALSO penalizes the big realm.

Seriously, it's only normal that a midget can't spell for 100% (hell 66% is even too much in my eyes from a guy 30% my size). But to make it so that my spells being 333% the target's size to only do 66% damage as well is plain ridiculous...
For me spells are gonna be more expensive than the damage they produce cause i'm too big. While midgets who toss spells on me cause much more damage than they put in.

Jul 12, 4:10 pm The spell Tsunami cast by ramping pink (1:2) penetrated our shields and destroyed 189 buildings, 1,380 peasants, 602 military units, and scared many peasants.

Compare both, i do 197 units damage, that's like 150k damage, 60 buildings at his size perhaps 100k damage, the spell costs me 288k gold.
He does 189 buildings, at my size that's 1.5 million damage (yes i pay 7.7k per building already) and 600 units for the cost of 540k damage. Aka he does 2 million damage for the same spell 288k.

I don't expect to do millions of damage. But at least make my spells do the full damage! the 100 builds and 300ish units, it'd be the same as if he got hit by someone within his 33%-300%.

Ending up big feels like a penalty in MR nowadays...
Spells penalized and i can't hit a damn thing! i have officially only 2 plunder targets in the whole game and they're recovering from war, so i don't feel like cheap shotting them.
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