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52 years old
New Zealand
Born Oct-27-1967
Onlineworlds project development.
Onlineworlds Advertising Manager.
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11 May 2007
Can active Forum readers please fill in some of their Member Details, Im slowly working my way through deleting old and inactive accounts and it helps to show if people are active even if they arnt posting.

Just Click on the My Controls link at top right, then edit profile from the menu on the left of the my controls page.

11 May 2007
How do most players login to our games ?

From the game portal / login page ?
From a Desktop login ?
From A Link in your task menu / desktop ?
From the Forums ?

I have some time to work on the Overall OLW account concept, just wondering how people like to login to the games.
11 May 2007
Have finally gotten some time to work on the main portal page.


let me know what oter information / stuff you would like to see presented there.
25 Jan 2007
Its long past time MR got a new look so we are going to run a competition.

We need some Medieval / Fantasy / Goth inspired graphics to jazz up the pages a bit.

Small icon type images are what we require that we can place on key pages, but I'm open to what ever ideas people can come up with.

Format can be jpeg of giff but watch the file size as we do have bandwidth restrictions to consider.

There are 3 annual premiums up for grabs, plus assorted other single round premiums.

Graphics must be original or identifiable as freely available for commercial use ! (We can't use copyrighted images !!!)

You can post entries in this thread, or alternatively email them to me at

28 Mar 2006
These forums have a lot of features in common with the old snitz package we used, but they are much more powerful.

Post merging - If you post in the same topic more than once within 2 minutes your posts will all be merged into a single post.

Member Groups

The number of smilies / images you can post is determined by your poster level (group you belong to).
Responsible members will be rewarded by being promoted to a group with less restrictions.

The Warning system.

Moderators and Admin staff have the ability to raise or lower any members warning level, and impose penalties for bad behaviour. Only you (and the mod / admin team) can see your actual warning level, and reasons for warnings, along with who gave them out are logged. Penalties include having all your posts moderated, removeing the ability to reply to posts for X hours or days, removeing access to your account for X hours / days or all out banning.

Flood Control.

Flood control (time limit between posts) is implememted and turned on, the level of restriction is determined by your member group.

Forum Skins.

You can select any skin you like from the list at bottom left of the forum, I will be adding more as I get time.
Available skins are determined by member group.

Bug Tracking

Rather than just posting bugs in a forum the Bug Tracker system makes it easier for the game admin staff to actually respond to and determine the problems. Please place bug reports in the appropriate Project, the system automatically notifies us when a new bug is posted and keeps doing so till one of us responds. sad.gif

Bad Word Filtering

Please remember this is a Public Forum and can be read by people of all ages and backgrounds, the forum package has a very good filtering system, in the interests of freedom of expression I have it set at a very low filter setting. Abuse of this will likely lead to you being warned, and if I have to I will ramp up the setting. Again Member Group determines which filters apply.


Feel free to choose one of the provided Avatars, or link to an offsite one, or upload one to the server. again please be reasonable in your choice of images, no porn or objectional material will be tolerated. You can control Avatars (and everything else to do with your account) from the My Controls link at top right.


Please keep sigs short and reasonble, max of 3 to 4 lines and 1 image is plenty. Abuse will lead to warnings and or removal of signature privaleges. Again set your sig from the My Controls Panel.


Feel free to start up a BLOG, it does not have to be game related, anything you want to post about is fine. Of course anything of an offensive nature is not and will be removed. You need to actually publish your posts for them to appear to other users, the default is draft mode, you need to actually select 'published' for them to show up. The boxes on the BLOG page are moveable, you can move them about and reorganise them as you see fit (exception is the google ad which is locked, and hopefully will contribute to repaying the cost of the yearly fee we pay for these forums.) You can ad trackbacks, comments etc as per any good BLOG package, and there is an RSS option too.

My Assistant

Is a handy little floating box available by clicking thelink at top right. It gives you quick access to your recent posts, any unread posts since your last visit, a quick search and the contact details (PM links) for the Mod / Admin team.

Personal Messageing (PM's)

The board has a full PM system which is enabled, you can send messages to any member by clicking their PM button or link which can be found in their posts / member pages and numerous other places. Unread messages in your inbox can be quickly accessed by the rightmost link in the nav bar at top right.

Topic Subscription / Tracking

You can have the board track topics you are interested in, it will even email you on an instant/ daily or weekly basis with new posts in topics you have selected to track. This option is available from the 'options' drop down at top right of a topic


Feel free to add any links you have to the appropriate sections, free advertising for your website smile.gif , only restriction is no porn or other objectionable links and no competeing games links please. All links must be ok'd by a moderator before they will appear.
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cheers buddy was really good of you :D
14 May 2007 - 7:12
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Your cat scares me.
12 May 2007 - 2:14


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